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Welcome, my lovelies! This is the re-booted site of Write Out of My Mind. My goal is for this website to be accessible, minimalistic, and helpful to you. I want this to be a place of acceptance and love, as well as contribution and productivity. Feel free to spew from your mouth (hands?) any constructive criticism you might have for me! Also, please let me and others know in a comment if you relate to my writing in any way. It’s how we all get along, yeah? Relating to others.

The best place to start in my humble opinion is at that little three-line menu button at the top right corner. You can find my posts by category, visit my studygram (what’s a study gram?), follow my blog if you really like it, and subscribe by email so you never miss a post. There’s a home page (that leads you back here) as well as a “suggestions and requests” page. I’d really like to keep all of my requests in one place if possible, so that’s why it’s there. Feel free to start at any of those links– they’re all a good way to get to know me!

If you still have questions, try contacting me! I might not get back right away, but I will most definitely try my darndest. I have a contact form right here, just for that! Enjoy exploring the abyss. 🙂